S²C² Cryo-EM Facilities

S2C2 is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments including three 300 kV electron microscopes (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) for high-resolution data collection. In addition, we have two other electron microscopes for training and specimen screening (TEM2 and TEM3). Cryo-specimen preparation devices and cell tissue culture/biochemical labs are also on premises.

S2C2 Cryo-Electron Microscopes Configuration Table

Microscope Alpha Beta Gamma Talos-Arctica
Model Titan Krios 3Gi Titan Krios 3Gi Titan Krios 3Gi Talos Arctica
Energy Filter SelectrisX BioQuantum BioQuantum BioQuantum
Detector Falcon 4, Ceta 2 K3, Ceta-16M K3, Ceta-D K3, DE64
Fringe Free Yes Yes Yes No
Operating Software Win10 Win10 Win10 Win10
Imaging Software EPU, Tomography, SerialEM EPU, Tomography, SerialEM EPU, Tomography, SerialEM,  EPU-D EPU, Tomography, SerialEM
Cold FEG Yes No No No
Resolution Capability (apoferritin) 1.27 Å PDB:7rrp EMD:24665 1.34 Å PDB:7k3v EMD:22657 1.46 Å 2.1 Å

*Collected on K2 prior to K3 upgrade

S2C2 Arrillaga Science Building



Data Management and Computational Resources


All experimental data collected under S2C2 will be held on disk for two months from the day of collection. The data is transferred as soon as it is collected and is therefore immediately available for download via either the usual unix tools (rsync, scp, bbcp, etc) or through globus. More details regarding data transfer can be found at https://confluence.slac.stanford.edu/x/mYoYDg.

After two months, the data is then moved onto tape and will be kept for 22 additional months. Requests for data retrieval after the data is moved onto tape can be made via email to unix-admin@slac.stanford.edu with specific information regarding the date of the data collection, the proposal number and the microscope that was used.

Two years after the data is collected, the data will be purged completely from our systems.

As part of our data services, all collected movie images will be automatically aligned (motion corrected) and CTF calculations performed and reported.