Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can you recover and return my grids with the shipping dewar?

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    Yes, we can.  Please, ask your Scientific Point of Contact to do so prior to the conclusion of your microscope session.  See our User Access page for more information.

  • Can you store my unused grids for a later microscope session?


    Yes, we have dewar storage space dedicated to user cryo-specimens.  Please, ask your Scientific Point of Contact to do so.

  • How many grids should we send?


    Grid quality varies even during a single plunge freezing session, even when repeating identical vitrification protocols.  Therefore, we prefer to receive multiple grids of each sample, and then decide on the optimal grid after atlasing all grids. Always send at least true duplicates, in sample and vitrification conditions, but we prefer four replicates.

  • How many grids can be imaged in a day / microscope session?


    This depends on the quality of the grid, and the number of grid squares and foil holes that can be used for data collection.  We always aim to choose the best grid on which the most data can be collected which results in a single grid per day of microscope time. Often one grid is of sufficient quality to be used for multiple days of data collection.  

  • Where do I send my samples


    Instructions for shipping samples to SLAC can be found here.